Roostevaba IP67 kraanakaalud MCWM -1500kg


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III kl.kTaadeldud kraanakaalud    MCW MR2 .  IP67   CE M23 

                           EÜ esmataatlus.Taatlustunnistused.

                                       EÜ tüübikinnitus  III kl. 

         MCW 1500MR2      max=1500kg;  e=0,5kg;        



Tugev roostevaba terasest konstruktsioon koos IP67 kaitseklassiga

tolmu ja vihma vastu nii andurile kui elektroonikale.

Toide: akupatarei  6V - 4,5Ah  / adapter AC240V / DC 12V

Display: LCD 25mm taustvalgustusega.

Töö t° :  -10°C ~ +40°C

kaal 18kg;   h=45cm (konksude vahe)

Tellimisel.    Tarneaeg 4-5 nädalat,   transport hinna sees  (UPS  Standard)  




                                                  Manual MCW_MCWR2 V2 ENG.pdf                          




    Capacity 150/300/600/1500/3000kg

Reliable and easy to use AISI 304 stainless steel crane scales suitable for indoor and outdoor use, for industrial weighing applications. Reduced lifting distance of the crane. IP67 protection from dust and rain. CE-M APPROVED. Fitted with test certificate obtained with sample weights.

  • Taustavalgustusega 25mm LCD display easily visible in all lighting conditions and also with low temperatures.
  • Fitted with standard approved upper galvanized shackle and standard approved bottom swivelling hook.
  • Reduced distance between the upper shackle and bottom hook.
  • Precision: +/- 0.05% F.S.
  • Veekindel klaviatuur  5 klahviga : ZERO, AUTOMATIC TARE, MODE, PRINT, and ON/OFF.
  • MODE-key configurable as:
    PEAK (maximum value read), HOLD (blocking the weight viewed), Weighs accumulation.
    See the user manual for the list of the functions.
  • IP67 roostevaba terasest korpus (tolmu- ja vihmakindel).
  • Fitted with remote control for up to a 8 m distance. The remote control may be configured by the customer as automatic tare only, or as a remote keypad.
  • Rechargeable sealed battery with a 40-hour life battery. On request, it is available a second battery for a 24/7 use.
  • Equipped with 230Vac 50 Hz battery charger.
  • Operating temperature: -10 /+40 ºC.
  • Programmable digital filter and auto switch-off.



ModelsWeight in kg
without packingincluding packing
19 kg
21 kg
14 kg
16 kg

  • Infrared 19-key remote control(standard), operating up to 8m:
    zero; tare / manual tare; enable / disable function; print; switch-off.
  • Radiofrequency 6-key remote control(optional) operating up to 50m:
    zero; tare; enable / disable function; print; switch-off.


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